What is Barcode and How Barcode works ?

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In this post, I will discuss What is Barcode and How Barcode works? Who created Barcodes and which company manages these Barcodes?, How to search Barcode Number Online Free?, Why we need Barcodes System? And How it is different from the QR code?

What is Barcode and How Barcode works?

What is Barcode and How Barcode works?

What is Barcode?

If you ever go to buy any product in to market, you will get black and white color numbers under each product, it is called barcode.

Have you ever wondered why all the products in your house have barcodes start from 890 only? Why companies give lakhs of rupees to whom to buy a barcode? I will answer all this type of question in this post.

How Barcode Works?


A normal barcode which has 95 lines inside it, which is of black and white color. The first three lines will be seen in this way, the three lines of the center will be seen in this way, and the last three will be seen like this. This is how our barcodes are divided into different lines. Now when you see the left side of the center-line, you will get 42 lines of black and white color. Similarly, the center’s right side will also be 42 lines.


So there are 84 lines left, they become different numbers. There are now 84 lines, out of which we see a part 42 lines. If we tighten it into 7-7 line blocks, we will get six blocks. We can define each block with different numbers. Here blocks of 7-7 lines are being made. Each block can be represented with a different number. In the given below image, we can see how each number looks like.

How to read barcodes?

How To Read Barcode?

If you look at it carefully, you will find that the left side has an even number of white spaces, and the right side has an odd number of white spaces. It has been made so that our scanner will know how to read it from left to right or right to left. If we paste a number one barcode on a product, How will we know whether we have caught the product directly or vice versa?

So inside this, we are programming that the scanner will know that the white space, which is even in the first number, I have to scan from left to right or If Odd is coming, then I have to scan from right to left. So, this is all about what is barcode and how barcode works.

Who created Barcodes & which company manages these Barcodes?

This system of barcodes is made by a company that maintains it. The name of the company is GS1 (Global Standard One). This is a kind of non-profit organization that created different types of barcodes and created a standard, assigning different numbers to the whole world. GS1 assigns all the country numbers to different series. Checkout here List of GS1 country codes.

We have to buy barcodes only from this organization. Whatever the company is there, it has to pay a lot of money.

Money To pay

The format of the barcode remains such that 890 will stay ahead if we talk about India. Then there is the company code followed by the barcode number. If you have more products in your company, then you have taken the company’s code smaller, so take all the digits behind it dynamically. So you can use a lot of products. There is a good amount of money here. There are companies here that give money, GS1 goes into full maintenance. If you see money here, then it takes thousands to lakh rupees to buy a barcode.

Now, look at all the products that have been installed on each product, but How can we check which company has allotted the barcode of this product?

How to search Barcode Number Online Free?

GS1 has given its database, has provided access, so you have to go to a website.

Barcode Number: 8902442225879( Navneet Publication India LTD.)
Barcode Number: 8902442225879( Navneet Publication India LTD.)

In this, you just have to type the number of your product and click on the ownership and press the search. So who has got the barcode of this product all the things will come. So search for all the products in your house.

Why we need Barcodes System ?

Talking very old, there were many products, their inventory management was very difficult. We did not know which product is being called: what are the details of what is happening? So everything was automated with the help of barcodes. Scan the barcode quickly Information of full product comes in our computer.

How it is different from QR code ?

In barcodes, you can store only the number; after this, there is a technology called QR code. Within which you can store text and many things too.

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