How to Identify Chinese Products? Boycott China Product.

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In this post, I will discuss How to Identify Chinese Products? Why you should not buy Chinese products and How can we identify Chinese products using Android App.

How to Identify Chinese Products?

9 reasons why you should not buy Chinese products.

  • Workers of China are not given basic human rights.
  • Millions of workers live in dirty poverty.
  • The Chinese government has been involved in many corrupt and malpractices.
  • Most of the Chinese products are not environmentally friendly in fact china is the most polluted country in the world.
  • China is providing such cheap products by manipulating its currency causing joblessness worldwide.
  • China has been stealing product design for a year just to produce a cheap counterfeit product
  • Many companies have been found doing corrupt business practices like using dangerous materials that are not safe to use to produce it cheaply
  • Chinese medicine should not be used as it contains harmful products
  • China is not a peace-loving country and has been in war with India for years also there is no freedom of speech of common people.

How to Identify Chinese Products?

Each product has a unique barcode. We can get all the details of the product from the barcode. Click Here to know more about Barcode. If we go to buy a product, then how will we know whether these products are from India or China?

Can we find out the product’s country by the first 3 digits of the barcode?

GS1 (Global Standard One) assigns a 3-digit code to each country for their product. India has been assigned to 890. But from the first 3 digits of the barcode number of a product, we cannot say which country the company has made the product. We can say in which country the products are made.

Coca-Cola’s Barcode number
Coca-Cola’s Barcode number

Coca-Cola is a company of the US but has opened companies in India, so Coca-Cola’s Barcode number starts at 890. So we cannot say the origin of the company from 1st 3 digits of the barcode.

This Android App Lets You Know If a Product Is Made in India or Not.

“Made In India” app

You will find the “Made In India” app in Hindi and English in the Play Store.

Scan the product barcode now to find out the origin country of your product. This free application gives a chance to the individuals who wish to help and advance nearby items. The designers guarantee that the application can recognize items made in more than 115 nations. This app also tells the origin of the product, even if the product is made in India.

Here, When I scan the barcode of the Vivo 93 mobile. We can clearly see that the product is “Made in India,” but its origin is China, so we should not buy these types of Chinese products. You can also scan all products from your house to know which products are Chinese products.

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