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In this post, I will suggest you 5 Reasons to Buy Mi Notebook 14. Xiaomi Mi has amazed everyone by launching the two new laptops which are very powerful and comes at a very affordable price. The Mi notebook 14 and horizontal Edition are the two initial models in the Xiaomi laptop offering. And it is safe to say that these are quite impressive. There Mi notebook 14 models come as a standard with the 10 generation Intel processor and how premium designs to flaunt. More than specification Xiaomi has got the pricing quite right.

5 Reasons to Buy Mi Notebook 14

There Mi notebook 14 starts at the price of 43,000 Indian rupees and $700 in the international market. Which is a great deal for an Ultrabook with the Intel Core i5 laptop. Xiaomi has also added its value with some Mi apps for easy data brands for an unlock. With this combination of the latest powerful processor and interesting application. This is a steal deal for those who are looking at the powerful laptops at a budget price. So, the question is Should you buy Mi notebook 14 ?.

5 Reasons to Buy Mi Notebook 14

1. Pricing

The first reason has to be the pricing alone at a starting price of 43000. Mi notebook 14 is one of the very few laptops in its segment to feature a 10 generation Intel processor. And those who are looking for the longer shelf life will find this laptop suitable. And another exciting thing is you’re getting SSD storage as standard on all the models.

2. Design

If you want no compromise with a build quality and design on your laptops. Mi notebook 14 gives another reason. Xiaomi has gone for the full metal body on the laptop which is a rarity with the sell 50,000 laptop segment.

3. Battery Life

Battery life is claimed to be up to 10 hours on a single charge. Which is up there with some of the more premium laptops in the market.

4. App Support

Xiaomi has added some of its own application to make the experience better. There is a Mi shield for sharing files between the laptop and smartphones which is a very useful feature. And another interesting application is Mi blaze unlock. There my place unlock and verify you using the Mi band 4 fitness tracker.

5. Simple Lineup

Unlike other laptop maker Xiaomi has kept the line of simple. You have 3 variants in the regular Mi Notebook 14 series and 2 variants in the Mi notebook 14 horizon series.

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